Our Service News

  • XEROX 3330-3345

    Attention! At the beginning of 2018 are expected fixes for printers XEROX 3330-3345!

    Currently in development following models:

    Samsung ProXpress M4030ND

    SAMSUNG ProXpress M4080FX more

  • Latest versions SCX-3405,CLP-360,CLP-415

    Currently in development following the latest version:

    SCX-3400, 3405, 3407(F,W)- V3.xx.02.00

    SCX-3405FW, 3405HW/TEC - V3.xx.02.01

    CLP-360(365W),CLP-415 - V3.00.02.02.


  • Solutions for SL-series

    We can offer you patches for next lineup:

    SL-M262x, SL-M282x

    SL-M332x, M382x, M402x

    SL-M337x, M387x, M407x more